Electrical Installations

Electrical Installations

Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASSM):

  • Section 25
  • We use the ASSM to describe the scope for electrical installations as a guide only
  • Any agreed or contract scope of work will more than likely vary from the scope of work under the ASSM
  • The scope of work set out in Rawlinsons also varies from the scope of work under the ASSM
  • The ASSM often includes the same items of work under multiple Sections

Scope of work under ASSM:

  • Main connections | generators, major equipment | switch gear | cable carriers | conduits | cables | cable terminations and joints to mains and sub-mains | conduit sleeves | circuits and sub-circuits | bus ducts and bus ways | earthing conductors | lightning conductors | switches, outlets, etc | light fittings and lamps | bells, clocks, telephones, fire alarms, burglar alarms, loud speakers, appliances and similar items | identification | tools and spares | work to existing services and equipment | pits | work covered by other Sections in connection with electrical installations | excavation in rock

Australian/New Zealand Standards:

  • There are well over 1,000 documents pertaining to Australian and New Zealand Standards concerning various aspects of electricity, the list is too comprehensive to describe here.


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