Australian Standard Method of Measurement (ASSM):

  • Section 3
  • We use the ASSM to describe the scope for demolition work as a guide only
  • Any agreed or contract scope of work will more than likely vary from the scope of work under the ASSM
  • The scope of work set out in Rawlinsons also varies from the scope of work under the ASSM
  • The ASSM often includes the same items of work under multiple Section

Scope of work under ASSM:

  • Demolishing whole buildings or sections of structures | disconnecting and sealing off services | removal of footings, demolition of building components | alteration work | removal of doors, windows, fittings and fixtures, trusses and similar items | filling openings with new work, making good, trimming around altered work and similar work | removal of asbestos and other noxious materials | designed shoring

Australian/New Zealand Standards:

  • Specification and supply of concrete: AS 2601-2001 The demolition of structures (supersedes AS 2601-1991)
  • Other Standards may deal with associated or related aspects of demolition work


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