Building and construction - a tough industry

Building & Construction

Do you need back up?

The building and construction industry is a tough one.

Even with the best of intentions and work practices you can easily find yourself in a situation where you either need to recover money or protect money. Stapleton Solicitors can help you do both.

We can also help you with disputes involving building and construction professionals, including architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, surveyors, project managers, lawyers, adjudicators and arbitrators.

If you would like to know which payment disputes are common to a trade and how to deal with them, you'll find useful information here.

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The money chase

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Discover the key steps to securing your cashflow and resolving disputes.



Understanding trades in the building and construction industry

We make it our business to understand individual trades, trade standards, workmanship, rates and prices.



Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK and Australia)

We have been associated with the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (“CIArb”) since October 2011